More than 10 years Balicamp & SAMA SAMA

You are not picking Bali – Bali is picking you! Inspired by our philosophy - follow your passion - and our desire to share our way of life, we founded the Balicamp in the year 2000. Soon, the small surf base grew up and gathered many surf enthusiasts who came again and again and became friends. The Balicamp family was born into an exciting future: love turned into marriage, children were born, great parties celebrated, islands explored with our boat SAMA SAMA and, of course, countless waves ridden…

While keeping on sharing our love and passion for surfing, unforgettable memories and magic moments in the lineup, Bali experienced many changes. It is not to deny that the rapid pace of development leaves a mark on the island’s culture and nature. As a socially and environmentally responsible company, we do not watch without interacting. This is why we set our very own standards and code of conduct – not only in terms of Surf Guiding & Coaching – to create a place that is in balance with nature and the local people who live in it. We know that even small changes can have a big impact. Our commitment starts in everyday life, for example by using our own wastewater purification system, recycling our waste and providing refill drinking bottles, and extends to different social projects throughout all Indonesia.

We are a dedicated crew with great team spirit, which has been working together for many years and enjoying the moment of surfing to the fullest.

We never stop following our passion. Come and join us to explore by yourself!