Eco-commitment and local support

Bali is experiencing many changes. It is not to deny that the rapid pace of development leaves a mark on the island’s culture and nature.

As a socially and environmentally responsible company, we do not watch without interacting. This is why we set our very own standards and code of conduct – not only in terms of Surf Guiding & Coaching – to create a place that is in balance with nature and the local people who live in it.

We know that even small changes can have a big impact. Our commitment starts in everyday life, for example by using our own wastewater purification system, recycling our waste as well as providing refill drinking bottles, and extends to different social projects throughout all Indonesia. 

Social Commitment

Support of Pastor Franz Lackner‘s Mission on Sabu Island,Indonesia

The catholic Pastor from Austria has been living on Sabu for about 40 years now. He assists the local community with his beliefs, experience and knowledge. Having built his own school including several homes and a small church, Father Lackner is a real institution for the whole island. Since many years, the Balicamp & SAMA SAMA have been supporting the Pastor with donations and transport services. At the same time, strong friendships were born.

Starting from 2011, 20 % of the proceeds of our SURFER´s BOTTLE Project are donated to the Pastor Franz Lackner Mission and the Well Project. With this project, we can easily and effectively help the people of Sabu to get clean drinking water free of carge. Read more below.

Donations and initiatives include:
•  Support of the drinking water well project in co-operation with the Rotary Club of Beaumaris
•  Technical equipment:
      •  Donation of 50 high quality scythes to the farmers of Sabu
      •  Pneumatic rock drill and spare parts for well construction
•  Financial aid:
      •  Co-operation with and Wolle Nyvelt
      •  School money for 60 students
•  Clothes, shoes, towels, blankets, school supplies, medicine etc.
•  Transportation by the SAMA SAMA: Of goods, financial donations and passengers
   (to reach medical care, etc.)

School Surfing Project
The Balicamp is the first and only organization providing a complete surf weekend for local schools. In cooperation with the renowned Rip Curl School of Surf, we have developed a 3-day program customized for students from 8 to 16 years. During their stay at the Balicamp, the kids and teenagers get the chance to learn how to surf and are trained in swimming, ocean awareness and fist aid.

One of our long time clients, the Greenschool in Ubud, Bali, has been enjoying this program since its introduction in 2008.

Support of the Bali Surf Community
As a socially responsible company, we want to give something back to the community in which we live and operate.

Our initiatives include:
•  Employment and training of local Surf Coaches
•  Financial support for: school education, local surf contests, Kedungu Temple project,
   Jaseri Kids Community, Medewi Surf Club etc.
•  Donation of refill drinking bottles – The SURFER´s BOTTLE Project
•  Donation of surf equipment

Environmental Commitment

The SURFER´s BOTTLE Project – Free Refill + Local Support

Of course, the idea of a refill bottle may not be new to you, but, in fact, it is new to Bali. The Balicamp & SAMA SAMA SURFER´s BOTTLE Project was born in 2009 and has since become more and more popular – at the Campsite, on the SAMA SAMA boat, in Bali, all over Indonesia and in Europe, too.

Our goal is to minimize the amount of single-use plastic bottles
at the Balicamp & SAMA SAMA in order to:

1.  Produce a minimum of rubbish
2.  Reduce the pollution of the island of Bali, to create a place that is in balance with nature and
     the local people who live in it.
3.  Support of the Drinking Well Project and Pastor Franz Lackner Mission on Sabu Island
4.  Provide free drinking water refill to Balicamp & SAMA SAMA guests and employees.

By now, more than 600 SURFER´s BOTTLEs are in use – purchased by our guests…
unlimited water refills included. Furthermore, 100 Surfer’s Bottles have been provided for:
•  Educational programs like School Surfing Weekends (e.g. the Greenschool Ubud / Bali)
•  Social projects all over Indonesia (e.g. Pastor Franz Lackner’s Mission on Sabu Island,
   beach clean ups, surf contests)
•  Promotion
•  Welcome gifts…

In early 2011, the Balicamp & SAMA SAMA and Blue Tomato decided to bring their free refill stations to Blue Tomato shops in Europe. Part of the proceeds (20 %) goes to the Pastor Franz Lackner Mission and the Drinking Water Well Project on Sabu Island, Indonesia.
With this project, we can easily and effectively help the people of Sabu to get:
•  clean drinking water free of charge,
•  daily food,
•  education and
•  housing.

Our clients use the bottle for many purposes like:
•  (Surf) travel
•  Sport
•  Work
•  Leisure…

The Surfer´s Bottle is:
•  Handy
•  Useful (700 ml capacity)
•  Durable (BPA Eastman Tritan copolyester)
•  Stylish
•  Eco friendly

The SURFER´s BOTTLE: Only available at the Balicamp, SAMA SAMA and all Blue Tomato Shops, free refill included.

Surfers Bottle - Free Refill

“The Surfer’s Bottle” – Free Refill + Local Support
Get a Surfer´s Bottle incl. free drinking water refill for your entire stay. Help us reduce the amount of single-use plastic bottles and support our social commitment. “The Surfer’s Bottle” is available for only 120.000 IDR and, by the way, much cheaper than buying single bottles every day. For more information please check: 

See also:
Support of Pastor Franz Lackner’s Mission on Sabu Island, Indonesia, TheSurfersBottleProject on facebook and further action in relationship with the The SURFER´s BOTTLE Project…


Recycling of waste in cooperation with ecoBali Recycling
Since 3 years, we have been separating waste to allow a proper recycling process. For convenient sorting, we provide two different bins – one for paper and one for glass, plastic and metal – in every room and in general camp areas. In addition, annual trainings are held for our team to promote and spread the idea of waste sorting.

Use of waste water purification system
Since 2008, all of our waste water – from the kitchen to the sanitary facilities – has been purified in several septic tanks using special, non harmful bacteria. Plus, our waste water undergoes a certified quality inspection every year.

Public battery collecting point
Every day in Indonesia, thousands of batteries are simply thrown away. The poisonous liquid goes straight into the ground water and puts at risk the health of many people, especially in rural areas. Since there is no proper method of battery disposal in Bali by now, the Balicamp and friend Gabriel from the Bali Family decided in 2007 to establish an official public battery collecting point, where batteries are safely stored until proper disposal is available.

We use and provide 100 % bio-degradable soy-based surf wax which does not harm the ocean.

Beach clean-ups
A short report: On the 5th of April, we held one of our regular beach clean-ups. And as usual, we had chosen a beach we are especially attached to, because it is one of our preferred surf spots. During this initiative, we could not only remove debris and trash, but also share interesting impressions and experiences with our guests. The local community received us with open arms, participated with a lot of enthusiasm and gave us a heart warming thanks. After work, we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset session. The collected garbage was brought to the Balicamp and, of course, properly disposed.

Use of recycled paper for marketing material
Since 2009, we have been using certified recycled paper for all our marketing material.