the Balicamp “After the Powder comes the Surf” Special Package

After the Powder comes the Surf Special

After the amazing powder days, it is time to think about SURF! Recharge your batteries by enjoying surf & warm colorful sunsets during Bali’s shoulder season! Follow your passion whether it be your first wave, getting barreled or simply relaxing... in safety and comfort.


This Special Package is valid only from 12th February – 10th March 2017!


Price per person 470 EUR / week incl.:

  • Airport transfer
  • Shared 2-bed room AC & private bathroom*
  • 2x breakfast daily (before & after surf)
  • Daily dinner
  • BBQ buffet every Friday
  • 5x Balicamp Surf Guiding & Coaching* (in groups of max 3 persons)
  • 2x Video Coaching & Theory*
  • 1/2 day trip

* Upgrade to 8 Sessions plus 4x Video Coaching & Theory = 83 EUR / week


We are happy to share a great time & waves with you!

Looking forward to welcome you!



Follow your passion...

Your Balicamp Team

Benefit from our know-how to make the most out of your time!

You do not feel like wasting time searching for the right spot at the right time? You want to spend your holiday on a surfboard rather than on the road? Then trust in the Balicamp Team, the expert in customized Surf Guiding & Coaching with more than 10 years of experience. Benefit from our know-how to make the most out of your time, focus on surfing in a comfortable, safe way and, of course, ride as many waves as you can. For best progress in surfing, we recommend a 3 week period.

The Team:
•  a top-qualified,
•  safety-trained
•  and long-term team
•  sharing the passion for surfing

We are always aware of up to the minute conditions – swell, wind and tide – knowing best about Bali's specific surf spot situation or conditions and will guide you according to your abilities and your level of skills:
•  to the right spot at the right time (all over Bali)
•  in the water and in the line-up

Furthermore, we will coach you:
•  on the beach
•  in the water
in theory and practice, to provide you the exact support 

•  Groups of 4 persons max
•  assembled according to surf level
•  guided by fully qualified Surf Coaches
•  supported by Surf Coach Assistants and
•  experienced Drivers and Filmers

Instructor student ratio 1 : 4 (+ Assistant)

Video Coaching – your best and most reliable feedback
Review and analyze your surf session in slow motion. Together with your Surf Coach, you will work on all the important details that you may not have noticed in the heat of the moment. A great way to accelerate your progress and improve your style.

Theory & Training
Learn everything from the basics like safety, board handling, paddling and beginner maneuvers to oceanology and advanced moves.

Surf School

You are a beginner with zero surf experience or you want to refresh the basics after a break, the Balicamp Surf School is just your package.

BSS – Balicamp Surf School

Learn the essentials of surfing via the best and safest way, in simple, easy-to-follow steps and master the arts of board handling, paddling, take-off. The Balicamp Surf School jumpstarts you into Surfer´s paradise and gets you ready for takeoff with the Balicamp Surf Guiding & Coaching.

•  5 x 1,5 h class (Mo – Fr)
•  2 x Video Coaching
•  2 x basic Theory & Training
= more than 17 hours of direct service

Service includes: rental-board

Surf Guiding and Coaching

You finished the Balicamp Surf School and / or you master the basics, you are “paddelfit”, can do a smooth takeoff and are able to catch and ride a green wave? Then choose between the following SURF GUIDING & COACHING packages, tailored to suit your individual holiday needs and surf goals.

BBG – Balicamp Basic Guiding
Balicamp surf-guidance and coaching, whilst at the same time giving you enough time for other activities such as shopping, sightseeing, chilling, party etc.

•  5 x coaching session (Mo - Fr, approx. 4 h incl. transfer)
•  2 x Video Coaching
•  2 x intermediate Theory & Training
= more than 24 hours of direct service

BIG – Balicamp Intensive Guiding
THE Surfer´s dream. Non-stop surf! Early rise and shine, two wave-rich sessions nearly every day complete with filming, tons of background info, new experiences and memories never to be forgotten. Please note that this package requires a very good level of physical fitness.

•  8 x coaching session (Mo - Fr, approx. 4 h incl. transfer)
•  4 x Video Coaching
•  2 x advanced Theory & Training
= more than 38 hours of direct service

If you are seriously interested in pushing your limits, the Balicamp Private Guiding – the most individual form of Coaching – will boost your surf skills.

BPG – Balicamp Private Guiding
Your own private Coach, the most progressive and individual form of Surf Guiding & Coaching. Balicamp offers special private lessons for every surf level, including children and teenagers between 8 and 15 years. Packages are available upon request. Early booking is mandatory.

•  Private coaching session (Mo - Su, approx. 4 h incl. transfer)
•  Video Coaching
•  individual Theory & Training
•  rental-board included
= approx. 6 hours of direct service

For best progress in surfing, we recommend a 3 week period.

To make your decision easier, we put together a selection of 3-Week LODGING + SURFING Packages allowing you to save 15 %! The…
•  long-proven buildup
•  the 3 week period for best progress in surfing
•  the significant cost advantage of 15 % and an
•  easy upgrade option

make our 3-Week LODGING + SURFING Packages the perfect choice for every Surfer.

ROOKIE (Beginner) 21 nights BSS + BBG + BBG = 1.326,- Eur (save 234,-)
EASY RIDER (Intermediate) 21 nights 3 x BBG = 1.326,- Eur (save 234,-)
CHARGER (Advanced) 21 nights BBG + BIG + BIG = 1.564,- Eur (save 276,-)

Or just choose from our regular offer:

SURF PACKAGES Price in Eur per person Price for guests with external lodging in Eur per person, incl. breakfast
BSS Balicamp Surf School (Beginner) 240,- 278,-
BBG Balicamp Basic Guiding (Intermediate) 240,- 278,-
BIG Balicamp Intensive Guiding (Advanced) 380,- 418,-
BPG Balicamp Private Guiding 90,- 98,-
BPG Balicamp Private Guiding
for Kids age 12 - 15, 2 kids max)
68,- 76,-

The offer and rates may be subject to change.

Packages BSS, BBG, BIG, BPG and board rental are also available to non-camp residents (subject to free capacity).  

Surf Equipment

Are a available in the highest quality from 5’9 up to 9´1 – hand shaped, NSP and Tuflite, for a surcharge of EUR 50,- week.

Camp Shop:
For your convenience we offer you a complete range of quality surf equipment including surf boards, wax, leashes, grip decks, rash shirts, board shorts, booties, sun protection all at very reasonable rates.